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Rathanavelu Lazarus Sadhu
What Does It Mean, Nor Will He Show Regard For The Desire Of Women? Daniel 11:37
Easach offers us the fruit of his research and his vision of the verse of Daniel chapter 11, verse 37 which says: "He will show no look for the God of his fathers; nor will he show look for the desire of women or for any other god, but he will magnify himself over everyone."
You are encouraged to share your thoughts on this subject with Easach, hope that an interesting discussion will ensue.

If you read Daniel 11:37 it says: He will show no regard for the God of his fathers; nor will he show regard for the desire of women or for any other god, but he will magnify himself over everyone.

The Watchtower Society had commented in its book Pay attention to Daniel’s prophecy Chapter 16 The Contending Kings Near Their End under the sub heading the King magnifies himself Paragraph 12 page 276: Fulfilling these prophetic words, the king of the north “the God of his fathers,” such as the Trinitarian divinity of Christendom. The Communist bloc promoted outright atheism. Thus the king of the north made a god of himself, ‘magnifying himself over everyone.’ Giving no consideration “to the desire of women”—subservient lands, such as North Vietnam, that served as handmaids of his regime—the king acted “according to his own will”.

Nobody can remember of North Vietnam’s support for Soviet Union and if you tell anyone here in India about this North Vietnam’s support for Soviet Union they are totally unaware of this as it has no effect globally and personally and gone into the pages of history. If you say North Vietnam served as the handmaid, you know India was also an ally of Russia during the regime of the then Prime minister Indira Gandhi that is why there was so much hatred on Indira Gandhi by the then US President Richard Nixon and National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger corrosively called the then Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi a bitch and a witch, felt Indians were sanctimonious and hypocritical ba****ds, and wished India would be struck by a famine and lose badly in a war. So During 1971 war there was only private oil business in India. During the war the private oil companies refused to supply oil to Indian Army stating that there should be no war as war was bad to business. Irritated by this, the then prime minister Indira Gandhi nationalized the oil industry to protect India’s mineral wealth, indigenously develop self-sufficiency (swadeshi swaraj) and reduce dependency on foreign (videshi) raw material. After nationalisation these Indian companies were mandated to keep a minimum stock level (MSL) of oil, to be supplied to Indian military when needed. She also nationalized all Banks which is a setback to the private banks, thus she was a stumbling block to globalists bankers and their business. As result Indira Gandhi was assassinated on 31st October 1984, a sacrifice in masonic rituals to assassinate on that particular day. So why can’t India also cannot be called as the hand maid of Soviet union, why not the North Korea, China?, they were all allies of Soviet union.

Now the communist bloc is no more and the former Soviet Union has turned into Russian federation and its President Vladimir Putin is an Orthodox Christian and even promised to protect Christianity worldwide and now Russian federation is a Christian nation. So the interpretation by the WTS is irrelevant that the Soviet Union collapsed but the Bible is very clear in saying that the King of north do not collapse but exists right unto the Parousia of Jesus Christ. Then he even subjugates the king of south (United States) after which he desolates Christ’s congregation for 3.5 years (1260days = 42 months). Therefore the Soviet Union cannot be the king of north but the real truth is that the Soviet Union itself was the creation and pawn of King of North to build deterrence against the King of South so that the both Soviet Union and United states should not cooperate each other but rather destroy each other, otherwise their cooperation will dilapidate the global governance plan of the king of north. In the same book under the sub heading THE FINAL CAMPAIGN in page: 281 paragraph 21: Who will be this king when Daniel 11:44, 45 is fulfilled? Will he be identified with one of the countries that were part of the former Soviet Union? Or will he change identity completely, as he has done a number of times before? Will the development of nuclear weapons by additional nations result in a new arms race and have a bearing on the identity of that king? Only time will provide answers to these questions. We are wise not to speculate. The Watchtower, who claims to be the prophet class, doesn’t know how to discern who the king of north is. By its own mouth as said in the Feb 2017 issue study article titled Who Is Leading God’s People Today? Under the subheading “Who really is the faithful and discreet slave?” paragraph12. The Governing Body is neither inspired nor infallible. Therefore, it can err in doctrinal matters or in organizational direction. But in the end of this article you will find who is this king of north and will be considered in greater detail the next article to be continued so that it will not leave you disappointed as Watchtower society did.

Let’s now come to the points who are these women whom the king of north will not show any regard. If you generally read this verse it is understood that King of North will not show any regard (= will not consider) for the God of his fathers, as well as for any other god, that means he will not show any regards to (will not consider) any religion.

But he will magnify himself over everyone = that means he is above everyone and over every religion. So if he is not showing any consideration to any religion means the king of north will be an atheist government. Of course Soviet Union government was an atheist government and it is correct as Watch tower mentioned but it cannot be a King of North because Soviet Union Government now collapsed and turned into an Orthodox Christian nation. There is no such statement in the bible that King of North turning into religious. He remains as an atheist until Jesus himself removes him from the position after the desolation of the Christian congregation for 3.5 years. So, former Soviet Union was not the King of North.

But what is more interesting point we are considering here is about the desire of women. It is understood that Daniel 11:37 is discussing about the God and gods that means it indirectly says about the religion, that means the desire of the women mentioned must be also related to religious. How we can come to that conclusion is that consider in Daniel 11:37 the sentence nor will he show regard for the desire of women occurs in between the sentences He will show no regard for the God of his fathers and or for any other god. Why Jehovah would unnecessarily drag the women here in his prophecy?

How can we connect women with the religion with biblical proof? We must allow bible to interpret. Well according to Galatians 4:24 woman represents covenant; according to Revelation 20:2 the woman Jezʹe·bel represents foreign religious influence and who calls herself a prophetess and who misleads the slaves of Christ. In Revelation 21:9, Bride represents Lamb’s wife, and according Revelation 19:18, prostitute represents World Empire of false religion. So we can say woman represents something religious, not the physical fleshly woman. Hence the women mentioned in Daniel 11:37, must be connected to religious.

To understand these women of Daniel 11:37 we need to look what is the desire of a common woman, because it says, nor will he show regard for the desire of women.

What is the desire of a common woman? A desire of the common woman is to grow well in her parents’ house, she takes education, finally she desires to marry a good loving husband, raise children, look after her house, and make a family of her own and to live happily without others interference.

Now Daniel says women which are plural. So we should split the women into separate women.

The meaning of the women is given in the Galatians 4:25, there it says about two women Sarah and Hagar. Hagar represents the woman of slavery which is the old covenant made in the Mount Sinai and its intended purpose was to produce Messsiah. So that old covenant was fulfilled by the first coming of Jesus Christ. But there is another woman, Sarah, who represents the new covenant and apostle John also writes of her in Revelation 12:1. Its intended purpose is to produce the sons of the kingdom who are nothing but the 144,000, but the new covenant is not yet completely fulfilled. There is also another woman produced by the new covenant (Sarah) that is 144,000, which is actually the bride of the lamb as mentioned in Revelation 21:9. This woman is not yet married to the lamb. Therefore we see bible referring to woman Hagar (old covenant of slavery), woman Sarah (= woman in Revelation 12:1), and woman of Revelation 21:9 which is the bride of Christ.

What are the desire of the women (of Revelation 21:9)? Her desire is to serve Christ and fulfil the role in completing the kingdom work and to produce the fruit, that is the great crowd, by obeying Jesus’ commandment found at Matthew 28:19. But this woman, the bride class, is not involved in the affairs of the world’s political system by obeying the command of Jesus found at John 15:19 (=you are no part of the world) and 17:14 (=they are no part of the world). So this woman’s desire is to not interfere into the worldly affairs but wants to serve only the Christ. Thus this woman is as though married to Christ, taking care of Christ’s household (that is Christian congregation) and feeding her children (great crowd) with spiritual food. So this woman belongs to Christ.

Now there are also another two women whom the bible talks at Revelation 2:20: that woman Jeze·bel, and Revelation 17:1-2 and 18 about the prostitute. What are these women’s desires? While woman Jezebel claims herself a prophetess and misleads the slave of Jesus in the Christian congregation the harlot represents the world empire of false religions that has the control over the rulers of the nations that is a religion who do not worship Jehovah and accept Jesus as son of God. So the desire of the woman Jezebel is to mislead the slaves of Christ while the desire of the harlot woman is to have control over the rulers of the nations.

Take for example the Roman Catholic Church which is also called as Holy See. It was granted permanent observer state (i.e., non-member state) status on 6 April 1964. In that capacity, it has the right to attend all sessions of the United Nations General Assembly, the United Nations Security Council, and the United Nations Economic and Social Council to observe their work. It has also established permanent observer missions in New York and in Geneva and has been able to influence the decisions and recommendations of the United Nations.

The Holy See was frequently allowed to participate in the private negotiations leading to the adoption of the General Assembly's decisions and resolutions. A position held by no other religion — that gives it a voice at international conferences and in the General Assembly on some of the most sensitive issues of our time. While not required by UN procedure, as a non-member State Permanent Observer the Holy See is normally invited to attend UN conferences and participate in these conferences with “all the privileges of a state,” including the right to vote. 66 other types of observers do not have this privilege.

Another religion is the Baha’i faith. Baha’i religion. It has special status in UN because UN wants New World Order to be established replacing all the Democratic system. The phrase "New world order" was first used in the sacred texts of the Bahá'í Faith by its founder Bahá'u'lláh in the late 19th century. So the principles of the New World Order and that of the Baha’i faith are one and the same.

We have just taken two examples of the world religions who want to serve for the betterment of the world through the political system of the world while all other religion wants the same except the genuine Christian congregation who is non-political and serves only Christ. So any religion that serves this world is a harlot because the god of this world is Satan as per 2nd Corinthians 4:4. So Satan is like a husband of this world and these religions want to serve the betterment of Satan’s world thus these religions are as though women of Satan. Since this woman also has intimate relationship with the political system of the world, that is why the bible describes at Revelation 17:2: the great prostitute who sits on many waters, with whom the kings of the earth committed sexual immorality,… Hence all false religion who want to serve this Satan’s world is termed as Harlot in the Bible. So the worldly people who belong to false religion are like her children, the harlot is like her mother and wife of Satan.

This woman Jezebel is nothing but the presence of foreign religion into the Christian congregation. Just as how Jezebel was a foreigner in ancient Israel, similarly freemasonry religion is foreign to Christian congregation. Though freemasonry is a false and an occult religion still we did not termed it as harlot because you take other religion such as Christendom, Hinduism, Jainism or even Buddhism is not having any influence over the Christian congregation, but freemasonry has its influence over the Christian congregation in the form of publishing the sublime images in the literatures that are dedicated to Jehovah and Jesus and building the convention halls in the form of prominent freemasonry symbols such as the all seeing eye of Horus (images easily identifiable on the internet) along with false prophecies such as 1914, 1925 and 1975, idolatry such as claiming that whatever the organization says it is as if Jehovah’s word. Committing fornication by making Christ’s congregation to get affiliated with worldly organizations like OSCE or UN.

That is why freemasonry is termed as Jezebel, not as harlot because just as how Jezebel had intimate relation with King of Israel and dominated over God’s people so freemasonry is also having intimate relation with the highest level in the Christian congregation. The freemasonry is the religion belonging to the elites of this world. Elites mean people like Rothschild, John D Rockefeller and J P Morgan. These elites want to know what’s going in any organization or even the governments, thus they make their agents to infiltrate in every organization on this planet. In that way even inside the Christian congregation their presence is like the one in sheep’s covering, but inside they are ravenous wolves (Matt: 7:15). The free masonry woman (Jezebel) has not only infiltrated in the Christian congregation but it also has its tentacles in every other religion. For example it has infiltrated into Hinduism through Swami Vivekananda. They not only get the information where ever they infiltrate but at the same time they also introduce their ideology into the organization where they infiltrate.

  • Desire of the woman belonging to Christ (= bride of christ = 1,44,000)
    • The desire of this woman wants to sever Christ without having any affair with Satan’s system, by working for the kingdom of Christ by doing worldwide disciple making work and feeding the members of the Christian congregation with spiritual food.
  • Desire of the harlot woman
    • This woman is nothing but the world empire of false religion. The desire of this woman is to interfere in the affairs of the world by severing for the betterment of the Satan’s world by having intimate relation with political system of this world through influencing its decisions and recommendations to the world body like UN.
  • Desire of that woman Jezebel
    • The desire of this woman Jezebel is to infiltrate in order to know what’s going in any organization or even the governments and send the information back to the elites that is globalists=bankers= oligarchs = clique.

So the desire of the Christ’s woman (=wife of the Lamb = Bride = 144,000 = Genuine Anointed ones) is to serve only Christ without interfering with the affairs of the world’s political system.

The desire of the harlot woman is to serve Satan’s system for the betterment of the Satan’s world through its religious influence and its intimate relations with the rulers of the nations by influencing the decisions and recommendations of the world body itself such as United Nations.

The desire of this woman Jezebel is to infiltrate in order to know what’s going in any organization or even the governments and send the information back to the elites, that is globalists=bankers= oligarchs = clique.

There is another woman which cannot be ignored that is the nations. For example the nation of Israel is termed as female or mother. For example Isaiah 50:1: Look! It was because of your own errors you were sold, And because of your own transgressions your mother was sent away. We also have bunch of scriptures that says Daughter of Zion, which refers to the nation Israel. Similarly the nation Tyre was called the daughter of Tarshish and Sidon in Isaiah 23:10-12. So in bible a nation is represented as woman.

Why in modern days take for example in India the country India is called as Barath Mata. So a country can be termed as female or woman.

In today’s world as predicated by prophet Daniel almost majority of the nations are democratic, copied after the model of United States which prophet Daniel symbolically mentioned it as clay(=democracy). So what is the desire of this woman? The desire of this woman is to choose its leader on its own by its own people and for its own people and others should not interfere. But the Council on Foreign Relations regularly talk about global governance rather than the independent nation state system. So the king of North’s ideology is to have a full control over the nations. No nation is independent from his rule. So therefore even though a nation wants to rule on its own without outside interference it is not allowed, even now it is temporarily allowed, still some form of interference comes through business and trade. So no democratic nations are immune to the influence of King of North. So in Daniel 11:37 the sentence nor will he show regard for the desire of women means he will not show any regard to the nations to rule on their own even if a country supports the king of North in business and trade or as an ally. The king of North needs the absolute control over the nations

The difference of desire in each woman is not desires

Some who are clever enough and good in English grammar, Watchtower society and critics will not accept the interpretation, and even twist by referring that Daniel 11:37 says desire of the women that is desire is singular but what is presented here is not the desire of the woman but desires of the women. Since it is desires (plural) so the interpretation is in error.

Well this can be easily explained. See here the desire of each woman is different but they all have one desire that is each one want to serve their heads (= husband like) and through which they are all benefited other than king of north. So what we see is that their desire in only one to serve their head, in that way the desire is singular though the desire of each woman may be different. The difference in their desire cannot be said as desires, that is plural.

So we saw many women:

The Bride of Christ (anointed ones 144,000).

The Babylon the great (The world empire of false religion)

That woman Jezebel (Freemasonry).

The Democratic nation state system. 

Now insert these women in Daniel 11:37 and read as tabulated below:

  • He will show no regard for the God of his fathers
    • The king of north will show no regard for the God of his own forefathers.
  • nor will he show regard for the desire of women
    • He neither wants the desire of the Bride of Christ (144,000) to serve Christ independently nor does he want the harlot (the holy see or the Baha’i faith) to dictate the decisions recommendations and its influence over the world body.
      Neither he wants the Jezebel (at present freemasonry is cover under which this king of north influence others) to have control over him. Nor he wants the desire 0f the nations to rule independently by choosing its own leaders through general election even as an ally.
  • or any other god, 
    • He doesn’t want any religious influence including the Holy see and Baha’i faith who were his promoters.
  • but he will magnify himself over everyone He wants the absolute control over all religion, economy and countries.
    • That means a totalitarian world government, a reestablishment of Nimrod’s rule.

This is what the Bible wants to tell. What a blunt interpretation by the WTS connecting to the desire of the women to North Vietnam. So,

Who will be King of North?

The short answer for this question is in Daniel 11:36 who says he will exalt himself and magnify himself above every god; and against the God of gods and last sentence of verse 37 gives a clue: but he will magnify himself over everyone, that means a government that directly goes against Jehovah and rules over all nations and above every other religion and economy and powers, in other words a global governance that is a new world order (NWO) or the one world government (OWG) or a Government of illuminaties. Just read Revelation 13:7-8; 16: and it was given authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation.  And all those who dwell on the earth will worship it. It puts under compulsion all people—the small and the great, the rich and the poor, the free and the slaves—that these should be marked on their right hand or on their forehead (do you find anything like this in democratic system now?). So it can be easily identified that the globalists government that is the New World order/One world government/ King of North/8th King may enforce the Global Governance through United Nations or directly with another form. Why we say that they may enforce the Global Governance through United Nations means because you see when 1st world war ended League of Nations appeared on the world scene as a world body but during the second world war it got dissolved and at the end of second world war it again appeared as United Nations. Who knows what will the name of world body that comes after the collapse the Anglo American world power? WHATEVER IT IS, IT SHOULD BE A GLOBAL GOVERNANCE BODY. The globalist government is not confined to only one particular person or political party but globalist represents a group of 13 families coming from different secret societies and countries and their associates (=for example in India Reliance group of companies’ owner belong to Ambani’s family who are close associates to globalist Rothschild) who control the global economy, commerce and banking system, crypto currency, lobbying and funding for elections to all the nations so that the elected leaders becomes their puppet, funding for terrorism to destabilize a nation whose leader do not obey them, food processing, Arms, IT industries, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Insurance, academic, media and entertainment and health and pharmaceuticals industries. Here in this article only one secret society is mentioned, that is illuminate, but there are many. So the globalist world governance is the 8th King or the King of North. It is very sad to find that though the Watchtower who claims to be a prophet class, in its book Pay attention to Daniel’s prophecy page number 280-281 as aforementioned says: Only time will provide answers to these questions. We are wise not to speculate. If time will provide answers everyone can say then what special is there in Watchtower society claiming itself as the mouth piece of Jehovah. Prophecy should be said with clarity before the events occur not co-relating after the incident takes place.

Someone, including Watchtower society, may argue that most of the materials presented here in relation to King of North seems to be conspiracy theory (a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for an unexplained events, but cannot be proved with evidence) of new world order, hence it is not an established fact as it is not appearing in the main stream media hence it is wrong. Well if that is the case then can you say the concept of deep state as conspiracy? Deep state is real. Deep state means a group of people united in some close design to promote their private views and ideology, to influence the country’s policy without regard for the democratically elected President or Prime minister. Just go and do some simple research using Wikipedia then you will come to know or just do some research of Council of foreign relations why always they talk about global governance? If deep state is a conspiracy concept why US President elect Donal Trump spoke about it?

How well Daniel described about NWO as the small horn in Daniel 7:7-8:

    • After this I kept watching in the visions of the night, and I saw a fourth beast, fearsome and terrifying and unusually strong, and it had large iron teeth. It was devouring and crushing, and what was left it trampled down with its feet. It was different from all the other beasts that were prior to it, and it had ten horns.
      • This is what he said: ‘As for the fourth beast, there is a fourth kingdom that will come to be on the earth. It will be different from all the other kingdoms, and it will devour all the earth and will trample it down and crush it. As for the ten horns, ten kings will rise up out of that kingdom;
      • MEANING:
        • The fourth beast was nothing but the Roman Empire out of which 10 kingdoms came out of it. It can be said as the Byzantine Empire (later into the hands of Ottoman Turks) Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Russian(= though it is not of Rome but Russians were from RUS who in turn were from Old Norse men who were of Germanic tribe hence placing them in Europe also the Russian Royal families were related to European royal families such as Emperor Nicholas II Tsar of Russia and King George V of the United Kingdom were cousins), Austro-Hungarian Empire, British, America (= though it is not of Rome but a creation of Europe hence included as one of the horns of Roman beast).
    • While I considered the horns, look! Another horn, a small one, came up among them, and three of the first horns were plucked up from before it. And look! There were eyes like human eyes in this horn, and there was a mouth speaking arrogantly.
      • and still another one will rise up after them, and he will be different from the first ones, and he will humiliate three kings
      • MEANING:
        • Now another horn means the 11th horn and it is small means it has no power as the previous 10 horns and it too comes from the same beast that means from Europe.

Some may say that Byzantine Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, no longer exists so 10 horns do not exist now. Well it may be said that while the beasts like (Byzantine Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire) had existed for centuries the vision only concerns at the time period when the three horns are plucked up by the little horn. So, the nations represented by the 10 horns at the time the little horn arises cannot be the Byzantine Empire or the Austro-Hungarian Empire since they no longer exist. So, we'll have to leave it with the nations that occupied the Byzantine Empire or the Austro-Hungarian Empire of the present Euroland now a part of European Union. 

See what happens when small horn comes? It humiliates three kings by plucking up from before it. That means take hold of the three nations and quickly remove it from its place, that means three nations will be removed out of power. Why only 3 horns out of 10 horns? Well the reason for the small horn to pluck these three nations may be because the three nations are powerful and oppose the plan of the small horn. According to Bible’s prophecy the Anglo American power is the 7th world power. But Revelation 17:11 talks about the 8th king: And the wild beast that was but is not, it is also an eighth king, but it springs from the seven, and it goes off into destruction. So here in the 8th king is what is described as 11th horn in Daniel 7:7-8. See the word plucked (Hebrew = eṯ·‘ă·qa·rāh = אֶתְעֲקַ֖רָה); plucked means take hold of the three nations and quickly remove it from its place. The Watchtower in its book Pay attention to Daniel’s prophecy Chapter 9 WHO WILL RULE THE WORLD under the sub heading A Small Horn Gains The Ascendancy page138-140 paragraph 22 connects the small horn to the British government and it started to remove the horns Spain, Dutch and France from 1588 – 1763 (175 years almost 2 centuries). This is the gross error because the Hebrew word eṯ·‘ă·qa·rāh = אֶתְעֲקַ֖רָה = plucked does not suit if the horns were said to have been plucked for 175years, as per the Watchtower’s interpretation as aforementioned the word plucked means to take hold of and quickly remove it from its place. If it took 175years to remove the 3 horns, then Hebrew word eṯ·‘ă·qa·rāh = אֶתְעֲקַ֖רָה = plucked should have not occurred in Daniel 7:8. Pluck means the small horn should uproot the 3 horns quickly. The coming of small horn into power will result in fall of three nations quickly or even simultaneously, that competes with (establishing superiority over) the Small horn not taking 175years. So British does not suit for small horn. Also it should be noted British though it was an empire that ruled many parts of the world still it cannot be called as small horn as the British itself turned from a Monarchy nation to fully Democratic nation in 1918 and 1928 with the Representation of the People Act whose rule will be based on the people’s (clay) hand, through general elections, but the Small horn’s rulership is not decided by the people it is a totalitarian rule, so British does not suit for small horn. Suppose if we go as per Watchtower that British is the small horn still there is no indication in Daniel’s prophecy that Small horn turn from Monarchy into democracy that is transferring the ruling power of Monarchy into peoples hand. Now consider this: if according to Watchtower British is small horn he should be different from other nations by now because that is what Daniel 7:24 says about that small horn: and still another one will rise up after them, and he will be different from the first ones, so the British should be different type of government. Now for example you take America is a Democratic Nation, British is a Democratic Nation, India is a democratic nation. So in what way British is a different government? Was the British different because it ruled other nations like India before 1947? Other nations too ruled such as French in Pondicherry in Tamilnadu India, Dutch in Tanjore Tamil Nadu India and Trincomalee in Sri Lanka and Portuguese in Goa Karnataka etc so what special was British? It is well known that the British monarchy was gone and turned into democratic. But now one more power is about to come that is the global governance which is in its infancy. Now which is the small horn or powerless government at present that will come after the collapse of the Anglo American world power? Well as already stated the deep state is an agency that promotes their private views and ideology to influence the country’s policy without regard for the democratically elected President of Prime minister. This deep state agency promotes and support the world governance. So a group that has the quest for the global governance is the small horn. Its intension is to remove the present democratic system and all those who oppose its ideology. Thus we see the Anglo-America is the world domain. But the Anglo-American power is a democratic system hence it is in opposition to the Global governance. Russia opposes the implementation of new world order. So at the time of writing this article Mr Vladimir Putin is the President of Russia suppose if we assume that Mr. Putin will be removed from his chair by some means by the globalists, and replaced once again with banker's ally like Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky or Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich or someone in the next election, still putting such persons in the place of leadership by the deep state guys is another way of breaking the Russian horn. If Russia is removed then its allies China-Iran-North Korea-Syria are also removed from the power, the same is also true for the Anglo-American allies. In this way when the small horn comes into power as New World order what the Bible calls as the Small horn or the 8th king or King of North. Thus we can say that the three horns that will be plucked by the small horn may be the British, the United States of America and Russia while all other horns such as France, Germany why the whole European Union are powerless they are not plucked by the small horn is so because these un-plucked horns may become supporters of Small horn. The Watchtower Society, you or some may say that New World order or World Government are all conspiracy, but then why there was a World government summit held between 11-Feb to 13th Feb 2018 in Dubai? Any valid answer from any critics or even the Watchtower society is welcome.
The partners for this meeting are:

  • International Monetary Fund
  • The World Bank Group
  • World Economic Forum
  • World Health Organization
  • World Trade Organization and last but certainly not least
  • United Nations!!!

So Bible describes as small horn, that means it has no ruling power at present but it is the driving power behind the scene or also called as shadow government. So who are these people who do all these things but yet not in ruling power? As aforementioned these globalists are nothing but, the elites, oligarchs, the international bankers, or the cliques (a small close-knit group of people who do not readily allow others to join them) who are coming from a group of 13 families and from different secret societies and countries and their associates and these are not presently ruling now, their very aim from the beginning is to rule the whole world. The world government or global governance is what is called as New world order. Thus we can say that the small horn is the coming New World order which will rule the world what will be called as Global Governance what the Bible calls it as King of North/8th King.

Indeed for so many years the Watchtower was condemning Christendom that they are blind, but now it is very well realized that Watchtower itself is blind and fulfilled the very prophecy of Isaiah 29:10-13: For Jehovah has poured a spirit of deep sleep on you; He has closed your eyes, the prophets, And he has covered your heads, the visionaries.  Every vision becomes for you like the words of a sealed book. When they give it to someone who can read, saying: “Read this out loud, please,” he will say: “I cannot, for it is sealed up.”  And when they give the book to someone who cannot read, saying: “Read this, please,” he will say: “I cannot read at all.”  Jehovah says: “This people approach me with their mouth and they honour me with their lips, But their heart is far removed from me; And their fear of me is based on commands of men that they have been taught. Oh how blind is the governing body of Jehovah’s witnesses to which Jehovah says at Isaiah 42:19: Who is blind except my servant, so deaf as the messenger I send? Who is so blind as the one rewarded, So blind as the servant of Jehovah?  You see many things, but you do not keep watch. You open your ears, but you do not listen.

The next article will discuss who the king of north in depth which the watctower society has failed to do so for so many years (1999-2018).

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a existência de Deus

Se um cristão, e especialmente uma Testemunha de Jeová, é convidado a apresentar provas da existência de Deus, é muito provável que ele cite o versículo quatro do terceiro capítulo da carta aos Hebreus: "toda casa é construída por alguém, mas quem construiu todas as coisas foi Deus".

O raciocínio é correto, nada veio do nada, mas tudo na terra é devido à vontade de um desenhista, mas é bom notar que Paulo não estava tentando discutir sobre a existência de um Criador. Ele falou com seus companheiros cristãos hebreus, que certamente não questionaram o fato de que o universo era governado por um ser poderoso que está por trás de tudo. Além disso, na antiguidade o problema certamente não era a não-crença em Deus, mas o oposto: as pessoas tendiam a acreditar em uma multidão de deuses. Ademais, Paulo, em uma ocasião, notou que um altar dedicado a um deus desconhecido havia sido feito, certamente por medo de esquecer de venerar uma divindade.

Acalia & Marta
Parábolas para os nossos dias (Parte 1)
O que as parábolas de Jesus têm para nos dizer? Eles estão relacionados aos nossos dias? Primeiro, devemos identificar e entender quais deles têm uma aplicação profética. Por exemplo, a parábola do filho pródigo contém um excelente ensino para nós, mas não é profética, não anuncia nenhum evento! Como então distinguir os tipos de parábolas? Como de costume, é muito simples: manteremos o que o próprio Jesus Cristo disse, sem adição ou remoção. Vamos limitar as interpretações aos únicos elementos que podem ser derivados diretamente de narrativas ou outros textos particulares e relevantes. Para o resto, gostaremos de contentar-nos com a resposta do Senhor: "Não cabe a vocês saber os tempos ou as épocas que o Pai colocou sob sua própria autoridade”. – Atos 1:7

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